In-Dan® is a family-owned company that has been a brand specializing in the funeral culture for two generations. All In-Dan® products are created with compassion, dedication, and inspiration. Our company is committed to helping families bid a dignified farewell to their loved ones and preserving memories of them.

Exquisite funeral products, which were not available in the industry at that time, became the goal of the inception of In-Dan® in 1996. Since there was no opportunity to bid a worthy farewell to loved ones at that time, the idea of reviving culture and values in this field was born.

Today, In-Dan® offers a wide range of premium-class caskets, traditional coffins, urns for ashes, tomb crosses, trade equipment for funeral bureaus, and a variety of other products for ritual purposes.

Exclusive design, handmade craftsmanship, artistic techniques, technology, and service are synonymous with the In-Dan® brand today.

Every year, starting from 2000, our company actively participates in international industry exhibitions such as Tanexpo, Memosvit, Necropolis, Funermostra, Funeraire Paris, Befa, where it promotes its name, and the presented products have repeatedly received awards.